Luca – EVS volunteer from Italië

Luca – EVS volunteer from Italië


I’m Luca an Italian EVSer who worked in The Outsider located in Oudenaarde, a city in the Flemish Ardennes. I am 29 years old, I have a Masters degree in Law and I chose to come to Belgium to improve my English and learn Dutch and French.

My EVS started during the summer in June: during my first week I met a lot of people who work in the park and I knew the activities. My job in the park basically is to maintain the area, clean, repair the materials, drive a van to transport materials  (to be used in the park's activities) and lead groups of children or adults in the activities of the park.

I made also a promotion of the activities in the park by delivering of flyers and providing full explanations and detailed information in different cities in Belgium, such as Ronse, Waregem, Avelgem, Zottegem, Deinze, Ghent,  Aalst and Kortrijk.

During the summer after the work it is possible to practice water ski on the lake Donk: it is a nice activity. The last summer from June to August it was so warm and I went a lot of times on the water ski. In the summer I took advantage of the sunny and warm days and I went several times to do trips with the bike. In Oudenaarde there are many routes for bikes and in general in Belgium along the roads there are many bicycle lanes. With my bike I reached also other cities not so far from Oudenaarde like Roubaix (40 km) and Ghent (30 km).

I am not the only one volunteer here: there is Dario, another Italian guy and before there were Anna, an Ukrainian girl, Ebru, a girl from Cyprus and Antonio, another Italian EVSer. We live together in a big house next to the park, only 5 minutes by bike, where everyone has a different room.

During my EVS I travelled a lot in Belgium and I met a lot of nice people and other volunteers coming from many different country in Europe with different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles: I got to know a lot of things by their culture. From Oudenaarde it is also possible to reach a lot of other beautiful cities in Belgium like Ghent or Bruges and also two European main capitals like Paris and Amsterdam, that are only 200 km from here.