Exchange Turin

Exchange Turin

We’re going on an adventure! YES! Together with Spain, Romania, Finland, the UK and Italy, we survived degrees above 30 and hundreds of mosquitos (or even more). We did workshops, had free time, explored the city and of course, we got to know each other. We’re five Belgian girls, we went 10 days to Turin and it was great!

Even though Turin isn’t very good located to go to by plane from Belgium, the experience was worth the long trip. We left the 12th of July at 3am in the morning (aka night). We were the first ones to arrive and settled ourselves in our bedrooms mixed by nationality. “It’s much more interesting to share a room with different nationalities. Therefore, the first step to get to know each other becomes smaller”, our group says.

The topic of the project, called ‘Ever & Ever Green’, was environment, sustainable living and ecology on a global and local level. Through different tasks and workshops, we discovered how the other participating countries recycle, handle ecology and how they live in general. We searched for obstacles in which a country fails, contributing to the environment. And at the end of the week we were able to find small solutions to increase our ecological footprint, beginning with ourselves. We need to watch our own behaviour first instead of pointing others. Changing our environment starts here and now and small things will turn into big things.

Exchanges like this one aren’t only interesting for the topics we discuss, it’s even more interesting to discover each other’s habits, culture and way of living. During the international nights, every country showed some typical habits of how they behave and they let us taste typical food and drinks. We taught each other dances and songs we’re proud of. We became a close group of friends during the exchange. And that’s what it’s all meant for, to feel connected as Europeans even though we have so many differences.

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