Young People Moving Up

The youth exchange “ Young people moving up” is a project with young people aged +18 from 4 different countries: Belgium, Italy , Romania, Turkey and Spain. Six participant from each country, 36 in total, plan to meet in Oudenaarde in August 2018 for a week of activities including sport activities, learning sessions and a show-off of the results accomplished during the days spent together. The exchange will take place from Wednesday 1st to Wednesday 8th August and will involve sessions about sports, nutrition and mobility. There will be different kind of activities: a huge variety of sport activities showed by local clubs’ trainers as well as a bike tour in the area and a visit to the Museum of the Tour of Flanders. There will be also inter-cultural activities such as a trip to Ghent as, an international evening, a movie night, a concert with a local band, a barbecue night and a final party with several guests from the local community to showcase the project’s results.

Our goal is to have an impact on the youngsters in raising the awareness of the participants about the importance of practicing sports and making responsible everyday choices also in nutrition and mobility in order to have a healthier lifestyle. This goal is to be reached through interactive, interesting and appealing activities and sessions by showing them achievable results that they can reach in their own life and within their personal environment.


Schrijf me in voor dit avontuurlijk kamp

Enkele foto's van onze kampen vorig jaar

Een dag op kamp

08u00 – 09u00:
Ontbijt en klaarmaken om de dag te beginnen.

09u00 - 10u30:
Eerste avontuurlijke kamp activiteit.

10u30 - 10u45:
Korte pauze 

10u45 - 12u00:
Tweede avontuurlijke kamp activiteit.

12u00 - 13u00:
Middagpauze ! 

13u00 - 14u30:
Derde avontuurlijke kamp activiteit

14u30 - 14u45:

14u45 – 16u00:
Vierde avontuurlijke kamp activiteit

16u00 –18u00:
Tijd om te douchen ! We douchen , hebben wat vrij en genieten van een rustig momentje.